According to 1Up, it seems Hollywood has "fast-tracked" several upcoming projects, and that includes the still-mysterious "Castlevania" movie. Initially, this project was entirely in the hands of Paul W.S. Anderson, whose credits include "Resident Evil" and the bizarre "Event Horizon." But instead of writing the script and directing the film, it seems he has now slipped to a producer role.

Stepping in behind him for the direction is Sylvain White ("Stomp the Yard") and the script is being handled by Ian Jeffers ("Death Sentence"). Things are definitely moving quickly now, as it appears Anderson needs the script ASAP because they want to start shooting this bad boy in only a few months time. Who they got to star in the movie, we don't know, but we do know Uwe Boll isn't doing this one, and that's already a step in the right direction. Perhaps when the script is done, they'll tell us a bit more about the story, because that's one aspect of the movie that should appeal to die-hard fans of the legendary gaming franchise.

Is it going to be based on the original games with Richter Belmont as the lead? Or are we jumping forward to the PlayStation generation and Symphony of the Night , where Alucard is the main character? And what about Dracula? Who should they get to play him…? We have a lot of questions, and while we desperately hope "Castlevania" the movie turns out great, we know Anderson and Co. are up against the ol' curse: games turned films generally suck. Don't fall into the trap, guys!

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