European gamers often find themselves reading about all these great games available to Japanese and U.S. consumers, and wondering when they'd get such promising titles. Well, wonder no more, Euro friends: according to, SCEE has confirmed release dates for several of the more widely anticipated PlayStation 3 games. While you do have to wait longer for these high-profile productions, at least you won't be forced to wait until 2008. They're almost here!

First on the list is The Eye of Judgment , which comes bundled with that nifty PlayStation Eye gadget. This one is slated to release in Europe this Friday, October 26. Factor 5's merely average Lair and Insomniac's awesome Ratchet and Clank Future: Tools of Destruction are scheduled to hit soon after on November 9. Naughty Dog announced yesterday that Uncharted: Drake's Fortune had gone gold , which means it's on track to hit its November 20 U.S. release date. This means Europe will receive this action/adventure title not long after, on December 9. SingStar should also pop up on store shelves some time before Christmas, although they didn't provide an exact release date.

So there you go, guys. Looks like no more than a couple weeks difference between the U.S. and European release dates, and that's certainly better than a few months. The holidays should be great for any PS3 owner, no matter where they live!

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