No more delays: today, Midway has announced that Stranglehold has finally gone gold for the PlayStation 3. Developed by the same team responsible for Psi-Ops: The Mindgate Conspiracy , John Woo and Tiger Hill Entertainment have created a great action title with loads of fun factor potential, and it will ship to North America on October 29.

If you want to test it out before considering a purchase, log on the PlayStation Store and download a brief playable demo; it'll tell you almost everything you need to know about the game. It's fast, furious, and jam-packed with non-stop action. You will assume the role of Inspector Tequila – the same main character from Woo's cult classic, "Hard Boiled" – and that, of course, is Chow Yun-Fat. Through a series of incidents beyond his control, Tequila is forced to step outside the boundaries of a police officer and take matters into his own hands…sounds about right, doesn't it? As you battle your way through the game, you will engage the enemy in cinematic-style gunfights and even use the signature Tequila Time slow-motion feature for maximum effect.

Yes, the Xbox 360 and PC versions have already been out for a while, but at least the PS3 version wasn't flat-out canceled. If this sounds like your bag, head out to the stores next week and pick it up; if you wanna relieve some stress and blow stuff up, Stranglehold is just the ticket.

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