Eagle-eyed Sony fans that visited

earlier today were treated with split-second welcome screen showing the

logo superimposed over the PlayStation 3 console.

Ferver erupted far and wide on numerous message boards, with people proclaiming this as proof of a collaboration between Apple Computer and Sony, or, at the very least, a sign that the PS3 will support connectivity with the iPod music player.

In truth, this was merely a case of a web designer using unregistered software to put together the Flash content on the site. Apple's Shake compositing software places a brief watermark frame of the Apple Computer logo at the beginning of every presentation produced using the trial version of the program.


The watermark was first discovered at approximately 11:30 AM Eastern time today and was removed by 2:15 PM. Visitors to the site now simply see the presentation as intended: a splash page with links to a spec-sheet and an image gallery.

Obviously, iPod support isn't out of the question for the upcoming console, considering the popularity of the music player and the Xbox 360's current ability to stream music from the device. Nonetheless, Sony hasn't made any official announcements regarding the PS3's ability to connect to third-party multimedia devices other than the company's own PSP handheld.

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