The Dual Shock 3 is coming, but you may not realize the PlayStation 3 isn't yet equipped to handle the "new-old" rumble technology. Perhaps Sony didn't really believe fans would clamor for the return of the Dual Shock, because if you plan to rumble once again on the PS3, you'll have to update your system first.

According to Joystiq, you're going to need firmware update 1.94; it adds support for the soon-to-be-released Dual Shock 3. This update isn't available online yet, but hey, why not just pick up the excellent Ratchet and Clank Future: Tools of Destruction ? The DS3 doesn't arrive for several more weeks, but if you want that update now, pick up the game. Firmware update 1.94 is included on the disc, so you'll get a jump on things. This is an easy option for those of you who love action/platformers and don't always – if ever – have their PS3 hooked up to the Internet.

But the point is, remember that you'll need the upcoming firmware update if you want to experience the next-gen rumble. We don't have any further details on update 1.94, just yet, but it's very likely this addition of DS3 compatibility will be the biggest feature of the update. If there's something else in it that warrants immediate news, we'll have you covered.

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