According to the most recent report at, Europe has seen a giant PlayStation 3 sales spike, primarily due to the price cut of the 60GB model and the introduction of the new 40GB version, priced at a more reasonable £299.

The author cites VG Chartz, which shows the PS3 selling 64,087 units in Europe last week, only 6,235 less than the reigning king, the Nintendo Wii. While VG isn't always the best place to go for sales statistics – we rely on the NPD for our official reports – it's still worth noting, and hardly surprising. European gamers now have two new reasons to pick up the PS3, and with the games right around the corner (see our Ratchet and Clank Future: Tools of Destruction review), a sales spike was expected. At the same time, though, it seems strange to see such a drop in Xbox 360 sales…

Despite the recent release of Halo 3 and the impending release of Mass Effect next month, Microsoft apparently only managed to move 37,303 360 units last week. Of course, the console enjoyed a massive September (thanks to Halo 3 ), but few expected to see such a decline in October. Again, VG Chartz is rarely 100% accurate, but at the very least, believes the numbers are a decent representation of the truth. As usual, we'll be posting up the NPD numbers when they become available, so we can find out for ourselves then. In the meantime, it seems the combination of a cheaper PS3 and more games leads to – unsurprisingly – higher sales.

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