Double Fine Productions and Sierra Entertainment have already announced Brutal Legend , which is officially Tim Schafer's next project. However, a few avid followers were hoping his new game would be a sequel to last generation's acclaimed platformer, Psychonauts . After all, it was an excellent production with genuine comedy and some of the best-designed levels in gaming history.

And while Brutal Legend looks awesome, those Psychonauts fans are still hoping…and this latest rumor will keep hope alive. If you visit Double Fine's website and check out their Projects section, you'll see two things: a Brutal Legend banner and another blacked out banner with the words "Coming Soon" written on it. Oh, but it's not entirely blacked out; that's definitely Raz, the main character from Psychonauts ! This obviously hints at a true-blue sequel – which would be new ground for Schafer, as most of his games have unfortunately failed to be super popular – or perhaps a handheld installment.

Some believe this is a remake of the original title for the Nintendo Wii, but fans really want a next-gen sequel. It would be a welcome addition to any console's library, and provided it doesn't have to go toe-to-toe with something like Grand Theft Auto IV , it should do very well. We'll update as soon as Double Fine steps up and gives us something concrete.

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