Yes, the 40GB PS3 has been confirmed, along with a price cut for the 80GB model. But that doesn't mean the hardware rumors have to end, right? Heck no.

This Dynasty Warriors 6 PS3 bundle for Japan includes a Ceramic White system, and a white Dual Shock 3 has also been confirmed for Japan. Therefore, all of us were wondering if we'd ever get that nifty white PS3 – and maybe the controller, too – but we have no official word on that subject. However, we still haven't clarified the report from Engadget that said Sony registered a CECHH01 PS3 model with the FCC, and that number is awfully similar to the CECHH00 number (the 40GB PS3) registered in Japan. How different could the recently FCC-registered model be?

Well, some sources, including the Rumor Reporter, have said this means a white PS3 is definitely coming to the U.S. It's still only a rumor, of course, but it's certainly not very far-fetched. We haven't had any other color option for the system in this country since the PS3's launch, and hey, we're just a touch materialistic over here. We want color choices!

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