Free to Play has recently posted up an interview with NCSoft's Director of Business Development, Dallas Snell. The major topic of interest centered on Dungeon Runners , which is one of the first games with a free-to-play component on the PlayStation Network. However, NCSoft isn't just breaking free of the pay mold for such titles, they're thinking about building their very own cross-platform community service. Taken directly from Dallas in the interview-

"Further to NCSoft's recently announced plans to release free to play content on the Sony network, Dallas talked about his company's goal of becoming "device agnostic" in order to break down the segregation of gamers between platforms. NCsoft plans to build their own cross-platform community service, with friends lists, inter-game messaging, and other features similar to Xbox Live. NCsoft also intends to release desktop, facebook and mobile widgets to extend gamers' experience."

Let's face it: one of the biggest reasons gamers never got involved in multiplayer online games before is because of the cost. If NCSoft really does plan on developing their own cross-platform service that will not only unite all kinds of gamers but also be free to play…well, damn, that's a fine idea. And it's a nice change of pace from a company whose bread and butter were pay-to-play MMOs; Dungeon Runners will be used as a "testing ground for future products and the company’s strong commitment to reducing barriers to entry for all NCsoft products." Let's hope it works!

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