Our hands-on preview of that Gran Turismo 5: Prologue demo will be up very soon, but in the meantime, we have something very intriguing to report. Those who have already downloaded it will notice that the much-debated Gran Turismo TV feature is not only included, it's now active!

The GT TV icon is right there and it's got a "New" tag next to it, which means there is new content ready to view. The purpose of this option is to provide racing fans with real-life professional driver interviews, video footage, and other related information for the hardcore enthusiast. This first update for GT TV includes three standard-definition videos, and they come straight from Best Motoring, the D1 Grand Prix, and the Autobacs Super GT. If you'd like to catch a quick video that shows off the screens and download process, jump over and view it here . Sweet, huh?

This is the kind of feature that will satisfy avid fans of the franchise, because it gives the game even more authenticity. And we're not looking for GT promotion from these interviews, either; we're just looking for some cool insight from the best of the best. Maybe they could even give us virtual racers some tips! Oh, and by the way, the demo's official site is now up and ready to go. Good stuff there, too.

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