Without any doubt, Warhawk is an absolute blast to play. However, as accomplished and entertaining as this multiplayer-based title is, there have been numerous issues plaguing our experience since the game's launch. Despite the inherent fun factor, these issues have included stat-tracking problems, trouble getting into ranked matches, and all-out crashes.

But all along, Warhawk Game Director, Dylan Jobe, has promised us they've been working on a fix (and future updates). And it now seems that fix is here according to Jobe's latest post at the official PlayStation blog, along with a major upgrade that all players should appreciate. First up was the deployment of several server-side updates that should've fixed any stats-related problems, which didn't – and will not – require any user download. This should fix many of the connection issues as well. But the rest will all be included in the upcoming Warhawk v1.1 patch.

This update tackles all those "critical issues" with statistics and connectivity. More than likely, this is the patch that will have a significant impact on players, and should erase the major technical problems that have stuck around since the start. Here's what players can expect in the very near future from both the server-side update and the new patch. v1.1 is expected to release at the end of this month-

Server-side updates

Client-side updates for Patch v1.1

But the changes don't end there. The team is well aware of the cheaters out there (we're talking to you stat-padding losers), and they're not going to take it lying down. In order to protect the Warhawk community, Jobe announced Arbiters for the game. These will be members of of the online services groupes in the U.S. and Europe, and they will keep an eye on the leader boards, community stats, and they'll even jump into matches for some up-close-and-personal observation. And don't mess with 'em, because they can warn players and even pass judgment, which might include an e-mail warning, a kick, or temporary/permanent bans. They can even request that a user's Warhawk stats be "cleansed!"

Yeah, so play fair, fellow fans.

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