Gotta love those rumors, and the latest batch has been provided by this month's EGM. While we know all about Sony's PSP project, God of War: Chains of Olympus , and we figured there would eventually be a God of War 3 for the PS3, we had no idea when the latter title would arrive. Well, that's the first big rumor in the magazine:

The rumor says that the next installment in the revered franchise has been pseudo-announced, and SCEA's Santa Monica team is already slaving away on God of War 3 . It seems they're working hard to deliver this guaranteed blockbuster by holidays 2008, which would be very good news for PS3 owners. However, it may have to do battle with another hotly anticipated sequel: Epic's Gears of War 2 for the Xbox 360. This one is also rumored to arrive next holiday season, even though neither of these tentative release dates are confirmed. Heck, neither sequel here has even been officially confirmed by Sony or Epic.

But it's still very interesting to hear. And lastly, EGM has a rumor that will entice all you RPG fans out there- it seems Sega has plans to resurrect Skies of Arcadia , which had two installments (one each on the Dreamcast and GameCube), but never really caught on amongst the mainstream public. Critics loved those games, though, so here's hoping we do see another title, and that it's available on the PS3.

We'll see if anything here gets confirmed in the coming weeks, and if it does, we'll be sure to tell you about it. God of War 3 vs. Gears of War 2 for next Christmas? Damn, sounds good to us! We'll take 'em both, no problem.

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