Can't get enough of Guitar Hero ? Want a chance to listen to all the great music in a whole new way? WaveGroup has got you covered, as they have announced that their Guitar Hero recordings will be available for digital download on October 23.

WaveGroup is an award-winning assembly of musicians and studio professionals who produced virtually all of the song recordings for Guitar Hero , Guitar Hero II , and Guitar Hero Encore: Rocks the 80s . To deliver this high-quality service, they are teaming up with digital distribution company INGrooves; the partnership will provide fans with seven – yes, seven – volumes of The Guitar Hero Recordings on various music download sites. So if you want 'em, be sure to visit iTunes, Napster, AOL, Yahoo!, Rhapsody, and or any other popular music source.

WaveGroup certainly knew what they were doing with this franchise, and that's why all the music kicks ass. They worked to enhance the player's experience by adding sweet guitar solos, flourishes and custom endings. In the end, they produced close to one hundred songs for the super-popular series, and those 97 tracks can now be found here, in the complete Guitar Hero Recordings:

They've got the full song lists for each volume listed over at their site (linked above), so if you love Guitar Hero , this is a God-send. All those memorable songs, and all at the tips of your fingers without ever touching a controller!

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