You knew it was going to happen. The launch of Halo 3
completely eclipsed everything else in the month of September,
and the dramatic jump in the Xbox 360's sales proves that much.
Toppling the Nintendo Wii considerably, the Xbox 360 went on to
sell 528k systems! The Wii follows with an equally amazing 501k,
trailed behind the Nintendo DS with 496k. Sony's PlayStation 2
continues to sell fairly well with 215k, but it's the PSP that
moves a fairly impressive amount of units, claiming 284.5k sold,
thanks to the introduction of the PSP Slim.

The PlayStation 3 saw no fires in September, with its sole 1first
party game (Heavenly Sword) not being received very well, and
with rumors of an incoming price-drop putting a halt to sales. We
hope to see much better results for the console for October, as
Sony has announced the $100 price-drop of the 80GB PS3. But
November should surely be the month where the PS3 sees its
largest spike, as the all new $399 40GB PS3 will launch.

Xbox 360 527.8K

Nintendo Wii 501K

Nintendo DS 495.8K

Sony PSP 284.5K

Sony PS2 215K

Sony PS3 119.4K

Game Boy Advance 75K

Nintendo Wii 425 k

Nintendo DS 405 k

Sony PS2 222k

Sony PSP 214k

Xbox 360 170k

Sony PS3 159k

Nintendo GBA 87k

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