Well, that was fast. Activision only recently unveiled Soldier of Fortune: Payback , and now, Australia's Office of Film and Literature Classification (OFLC) has officially banned the title from sale in the land down under.

According to GameSpot, the OFLC refused to classify the upcoming FPS due to "high impact violence." In Australia, the highest rating they have for games is MA15+ (films can go up to R18+), and if a game can't fit in that MA15+ category, it cannot get classification. An OFLC spokeswoman said the "high impact" of Payback "exceeded" that classification. Some examples included "close range shooting with substantial blood spray, blood splatters onto the ground and walls, [the ability to] target various limbs of the opponent which can result in dismemberment, and large amounts of blood sprayed which comes from the stump but victims sometime stay alive." Yeah, well, that's why we've got that "M" (17+) rating here in the U.S.

Activision Australia has yet to comment on the issue. Soldier of Fortune: Payback was scheduled to arrive some time early next year in Australia, but the country is well-known for denying classification to high-profile titles. Most people are aware of the obvious ones ( Grand Theft Auto III , BMX XXX , Leisure Suit Larry: Magna Cum Laude , Postal and Postal II , etc.), but they also recently banned Blitz: The League for portraying drug use in the game. So they're not foolin' around over there, and it looks like Payback won't see the light of day.

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