Today, Codemasters has released an exclusive, behind-the-scenes video for Turning Point: Fall of Liberty , in which we learn more about the orchestral recording and soundtrack provided by accomplished composer Michael Giacchino. For those who aren't familiar, Fall of Liberty is described as an "alternate-reality WWIII FPS" where the player finds himself in 1953 and a Nazi resurgence has reached American shores. Yeah, that's right, we'll be hunting Nazis in New York City!

Anyway, you'll want to check out this new video over at the game's official website , because it's loaded with incredible music for the game. Giacchino's credits include the TV show "Lost," several major feature films ("Mission Impossible III," "The Incredibles," and "Ratatouille") and historical FPSs like titles in the Medal of Honor and Call of Duty franchises. So in other words, this guy knows music, and he talks a bit about his ambition and inspiration behind the Fall of Liberty soundtrack.

"In scoring the soundtrack, it was all about finding the emotional center of the game, which is the story," explains Giacchino. "To present an America that we recognize, but in an altered reality setting, we changed the make up of the orchestra and removed trumpets from the brass section. In a traditional WWII game or movie, trumpets are used to give an American flavor, however, to mirror Turning Point's major theme, we've stripped that layer of Americana away."

The composer required quite the ensemble to complete his musical vision, as the 76-piece Hollywood Studio Orchestra is responsible for the music heard in the game. It's a category that doesn't often get its just due in video games, but those who have heard and appreciated top-quality and engaging music fully understand its importance. Clearly, developer Spark Unlimited is pretty happy with Giacchino's efforts.

"Michael has created a series of truly evocative pieces that challenge WWII-themed soundtrack preconceptions; this fits to our alternate-reality subject matter perfectly," said Scott Langteau, Chief Operating Officer, Spark Unlimited. "It's a fantastic primal score, full of chaos and energy and Michael's use of staccato sounds delivers an incredible level of intensity throughout."

Turning Point: Fall of Liberty is scheduled to arrive some time early next year for the PS3 and Xbox 360. We'll bring you more information on this anticipated shooter as it becomes available.

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