We heard earlier this year that Grand Theft Auto IV would include multiplayer of some kind. But ever since then, Rockstar hasn't bothered to offer any more details concerning the mystery feature. However, a recent rumor has arisen, and this one says the game might actually support multiplayer action for up to 16 players at once.

Recently, Canadian gaming site GamingExcellence was able to corner a Rockstar representative at the PlayStation Holiday Preview Event in Toronto. At that time, the rep said the team was "considering the possibility of having an open world completely unlocked from the start of the game." This isn't too far different from previous installments, but he also said Rockstar was "aiming for at least 16 simultaneous players [for multiplayer], with more than just the usual deathmatch mode." Obviously, this thing caught fire throughout the Internet – despite the obvious fact this was just a rumor – and GameSpot tried to clarify things. Rockstar only took a page from Sony's book and said, "We do not comment on rumor or speculation." Well, damnit. Rockstar never says much of anything, do they?

So at this point, while it does remain a possibility that the multiplayer component of GTAIV could support up to 16 players, it's still nothing more than a rumor. And unfortunately, we don't expect any official announcements any time soon. Let's just hope Rockstar tells us all about it before the game's release in the second quarter of 2008.

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