Perhaps you hadn't noticed, but there are a lot of great games due out before 2007 comes to a close. Therefore, just about every major monthly gaming magazine is going to have a lot of reviews worth reading, and the upcoming PSM boasts analysis of several big-name titles. Much to our delight, this includes Ratchet and Clank Future: Tools of Destruction . We figured it'd be good, but PSM is calling it the PlayStation 3's "Best Game Yet," and awarded it a super high score of 9.5. Maybe all you Ratchet fans expected that, but it's still great news for all PS3 owners.

The rest of the review list from PSM looks like this:

Okay, so we think they scored Folklore and Sega Rally Revo a little low, but all great scores nonetheless. We can't wait to get our hands on Guitar Hero III , Conan , and of course, Ratchet and Clank . The demo was fantastic, so we're not really surprised to see such high praise. Insomniac does it again!

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