When Dave Jaffe and former Incognito boss Scott Campbell left Sony to form their own studio, Eat Sleep Play, we all wondered if this meant Jaffe and Co. would be making the leap to other gaming platforms. And while they're certainly free to do just that – Jaffe has already said they're working on a few "short session games" for the PC – it seems this separation is similar to the recent Bungie/Microsoft split; some ties do remain between ex-exclusive developer and publisher.

According to a recent in-depth interview with Newsweek, Jaffe talks about his new digs, what the team has planned, and how they want to get away from the "operas" ( God of War , Twisted Metal ) and get more involved in the "pop songs" ( Calling All Cars ). But despite the split with Sony and Jaffe's new vision, his development studio still plans to produce three brand new games that will be exclusive to PlayStation platforms. The Newsweek blog has only posted Part 1 of the interview, but there's more to come- "Jaffe expands on his plans for Eat Sleep Play–and explains why he's so upfront about his exit strategy."

We'll let you know if he drops any hints about those "pop songs" Eat Sleep Play is working on, or if there is the possibility of another "opera" from Eat Sleep Play in the future.

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