If there's one game that has been hyped through the roof, up into the stratosphere, and out into the cosmos, it's Guerilla's PS3 exclusive FPS, Killzone 2 . Therefore, any and all news is always big news, and now more Killzone 2 details have come to light, this time thanks to the European magazine, PSW UK.

While OPM UK had a chance to sit down and play an early build of the massively anticipated game, PSW UK recently ran an article concerning Killzone 2 's Internet play. As it turns out – and this comes on the heels of much multiplayer speculation – there will be an online cooperative mode. This is good news for just about everyone, especially those who want other online options outside of the typical (Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, etc.). Furthermore, it seems this title will utilize both PlayStation Home and the game's official site (Killzone.com) so as to bring in advanced clan features. This means players will be able to meet up in their "Homes" to discuss strategy and tactics and eventually, kick off a game. Sweet, huh?

Lastly, the article mentions both online leaderboards (a pretty standard feature at this point) and user-generated online content (creating camouflage for yourself!), so in no way is Guerilla slacking on the Internet multiplayer aspect of Killzone 2 . Yeah, the single-player campaign should be great, but it's a FPS, so multiplayer is huge .

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