Most hardcore racing enthusiasts know there's only one title in the video game world that can deliver the ultimate realistic driving experience: Gran Turismo . There have been a few very impressive – albeit less popular – racing simulators on the PC, but for the most part, Polyphony's racer generally sets the physical accuracy standard. Microsoft's competitor, Forza Motorsport , is a worthy adversary, but GT creator Kaz Yamauchi believes the two development teams approach things in a very different way.

According to PS3Center, Yamauchi first admitted that Forza Motorsport 2 is "way ahead" of Gran Turismo in regards to the sheer number of features it offers the player (we assume Kaz is making the comparison using the last entry in the series, Gran Turismo 4 ). However, on the flip side, he still believes GT is the "superior product" because, quite simply, Forza has a lot of substance, but not as much quality, and GT is "pure quality gold." His full comments, when asked to compare the two popular simulated racing series, are below:

"Straight off the bat, I think that in terms of feature sets, Forza is ahead of us. They have more options, you can do basically anything. We take a different approach obviously – we try to concentrate on what are the core values for a racing game, and we try to elevate those standards up as high as we possibly can. I am having difficulty trying to explain the differences, but one way you can look at it is, you can buy a watch that is super multifunctional, but economical, or a watch that is reduced in functions, but premium – higher end."

…okay, that's not the analogy we would've picked, but we should give Kaz a break; English ain't his first language. And besides, we get the point. We can only assume that Gran Turismo 5 will once again raise the bar, and we'll be treated to another "premium" production.

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