Without any doubt, Gran Turismo 5 Prologue is the most anticipated download…like, ever. More information has come to light, thanks to the GT Channel, who has just unveiled what appears to be Gran Turismo TV for the final product! That's right, the following sweet feature should be included in Gran Turismo 5 , and for racing aficionados, you're definitely gonna be excited.

Sony's production team has been approaching various automakers, interviewing "key individuals" at the likes of Nissan, Ford, Audi, and others. What will these be used for? They'll be implemented into this new feature for authentic on-camera footage from industry experts, and that includes professional racers. Apparently, GT Channel caught Sony interviewing 2007 Formula D champion, Tanner Foust, who represents a new direction for the franchise. He's someone we might've expected to see EA interview for Need for Speed ProStreet , but hey, it's a brave new world this generation. Gran Turismo 5 will appeal to hardcore fans and tuning gearheads alike!

Lastly, it seems the upcoming downloadable demo – which hasn't been confirmed for the U.S. yet, by the way – isn't entirely unveiled. GT Channel's source wouldn't outline the exact differences, but the demo should include options and features that weren't revealed at this year's Tokyo Game Show. Sony is prepared to announce something big at the Tokyo Motor Show next week (October 24, to be exact), so maybe this Gran Turismo TV feature will be the news of the day.

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