Okay, Capcom is really milking this whole thing for news, don't you think?

Initially, it was Christian Svensson, Sr. Director of Strategic Planning & Entertainment for Capcom Entertainment, who kicked off a minor Internet news firestorm by implying a giant PS3-related announcement would drop some time this week. The last bit of news was certainly significant; Capcom revealed they were working on a next-gen Bionic Commando , but it's for both the PS3 and Xbox 360. So what the heck is the big, gigantic, momentous unveiling?

Well, it appears there are multiple revealings in store for us, as Svensson is at it once again in the publisher's official forums. Here's his post, which is definitely going to raise even more eyebrows:

"You saw one announcement today at Gamespot.

You will see another announcement at the countdown timer on Wednesday.

You'll see a slew of other announcements/updates after the media embargo lifts on Thursday/Friday or so."

"Media embargo?" We have no idea what Capcom is planning to announce – despite the fact that debate and speculation are running rampant – but they're certainly playing it up big time. If you're "counting down" to something less-than-mind-blowing, we're gonna be disappointed, guys. Seriously.

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