According to the latest post at the official PlayStation blog, Super-Ego Games has announced a new exclusive title for the PlayStation 3: Rat Race . One of the studio's founders, Greg Easley, fills us in on the details.

This won't be your standard Blu-Ray game; it will be available as individual episodes on the PlayStation Store, and the first episode should hit early this winter. He's calling it a "comedy/adventure" game, and says his team approaches interactive gaming a little differently than other development studios. However, don't think this translates to "small studio with little budget produces crappy game." No, Super-Ego has enlisted some seriously talented help for Rat Race , and that includes voice-overs by "some of the best stand-up comics in New York City," and other professionals involved in the project have credits on Late Night with Conan O'Brien, Saturday Night Live, South Park, Sex and the City, My Name Is Earl, Comedy Central, and more.

The setting is simple. You'll be in a very bizarre office, home of BiggCo and some truly low-IQ employees. You're the "rat," so-to-speak, and if you can make it through the day without getting fired, you win…but all manner of strange characters will get in your way. Easley describes the game this way-

"Our goal is to give you the feeling of “playing” inside an episode of your favorite TV show. Sometimes we describe Rat Race as an interactive sitcom, but that doesn’t do it justice. There’s more to the experience than funny dialogue. Along the way you’ll sneak, sprint, solve puzzles, eavesdrop, steal, and even “neutralize” that lab monkey."

It certainly sounds like a unique concept, so all those gamers out there whining about not seeing enough originality in video games these days should pay attention. We'll have more information on Rat Race when it becomes available, but for now, let's just say these little episodic-based games could equal big-time entertainment.

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