Scheduled to release this month in the U.S., European gamers won't have to wait much longer to toy around with the now-grown-up version of the EyeToy; the PlayStation Eye. According to Eurogamer, this nifty and very multi-functional device will be available on November 7 in Europe.

The price tag is GPB 24.99 and it comes bundled with a free copy of EyeCreate, which is a software program designed to help you take pictures, video, and audio clips before saving them to the hard drive. However, if you'd rather not wait to purchase the device all by itself, you can always get it with The Eye of Judgment , which hits Europe on October 26. Oh, and SCEE has said those who don't end up with EyeCreate can pick it up from the PlayStation Store for free, although we're not exactly sure when. We'll assume it'll be available when the Eye hits store shelves.

By the time this little beauty is "buyable," several other titles that take advantage of the accessory will already be on store shelves. Operation Create Feature , Trials of Topoq , and Aqua Vita should arrive on October 25, so you'll have numerous reasons to pick up the Eye. If you want the lowdown on this sweet camera device, check out all the updated details , released by SCEA last week.

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