This is what tends to happen when consumers have a few more – and better – options.

According to the latest numbers supplied to, PlayStation 3 sales leaped 178% in the UK last week, thanks primarily to the two new PS3 SKUs. It's the third-highest week in the country since the system's launch, which places the PS3 ahead of its main rival, Microsoft's Xbox 360. Of course, Nintendo still reigns supreme over there, with the Wii and DS leading all hardware sales charts, but that's no real surprise.

Only unveiled last Wednesday, the new new PS3 SKUs – a 40GB "entry level" model for GBP 299 and the newly priced 60GB PS3, which dropped to GBP 349 – have really spurred hardware sales along. The bundle, which includes two first-party titles, also seems to help, and PS3 software in general experienced a steady rise through the ranks. The launch FPS, Resistance: Fall of Man rose from 22 to 8, Heavenly Sword (which had fallen off the charts briefly) reappeared in the top 40 way up at 14, MotorStorm moved slightly from 22 to 18, and Formula 1: Championship Edition also broke back into the top charts and settled in at 24.

Now, wouldn't Sony want to see this same sales spike in North America? Sure they would. And that's why they're going to announce that 40GB PS3 for this territory very soon, so says all the evidence that has been cropping up throughout the Internet. No, it's not official, but at this point, it may as well be.

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