Want more evidence that a 40GB PS3 is coming? Not happy with everything we've found so far? Okay, well, here's another big fat clue, courtesy of an inside Best Buy screenshot.

As posted by the PSVault blog, this shot clearly shows a listing for a "Spider-Man 3" 40GB PS3 bundle package. You can see the item description in the upper right, and highlighted down on the bottom is the street date: October 28. This bundle rumor has been circulating for weeks now, almost ever since the 40GB PS3 rumor began. However, the new model was only unveiled for Europe and, most recently, for Japan, with no mention of the U.S. or North America in any official press release. SCEE refuses to comment on anything outside their jurisdiction, and SCEA remains tight-lipped.

But hey, there's always a paper trail, right (or in this case, a computer trail)? Of course there is. Big retailers like Best Buy need to have such an item in their inventory well ahead of time, even if they're not accepting pre-orders. It's just the way modern businesses operate, and Sony – despite that "we don't announce something until there's something to announce" policy – can't avoid that. Anybody want to bet against the 40GB PS3 for this country now? We sure don't.

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