OPM UK has already had a chance to sit down and play a bit of Killzone 2 , and perhaps not surprisingly, they came away very, very impressed. They say it's a "world exclusive hands-on," and upon completion of their play time, they called it a "notch ahead" of anything else currently being developed.

They also talk about the visual presentation in some length, saying the PS3 is capable of making the environment "come alive" with a huge amount of "detail and dynamic lighting." Here's an excerpt from their article:

"The de-saturated colour palette, and the fact that Helghan is such an inhospitable hole, should mean that the game looks drab. The fact it doesn't is down to an array of visual tricks, the most important of which is deferred rendering, which involves blending the effect of light sources on an object… it makes the city look incredibly dynamic with light and shadow changing constantly as a result of muzzle flashes, burning wreckage and jags of lighting.

The next firefight proves more problematic. The Helghast are dug in behind cover in the building opposite, with a thin gantry separating our positions. A direct assault ends predictably.

When I finally put the pad down it's with relief, excitement…and caution. What's currently most impressive about Killzone 2 is the technology, which is genuinely a notch ahead of anything being done on consoles right now.

This is all good news for PS3 owners everywhere, even though we really weren't expecting anything less. Given the amount of time and money invested into this project, and the ridiculous level of hype surrounding it, Killzone 2 certainly has to live up to high expectations. Thankfully, though, while the original flopped on its way to becoming a " Halo -killer," this sequel might be the one to give Halo 3 what-'fer.

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