We're all waiting to hear what kind of bomb Capcom is going to drop this week, and the rumors and speculation are already running rampant. The most popular involves a Resident Evil title for the PSP, reinforced by a translated article from PSMania 3.0 (it's an Italian gaming magazine). Here's the rough translation that everyone is eyeballing:

Not too long ago, the Internet was a real popular petition that fans of Resident Evil have signed and signed to Capcom to know that Sony's users desperately need a Resident Evil for PSP, whatever it is!
The request is not done in a vacuum, in fact a member of the house of Osaka has specifically requested that the signatures are at least 10,000 fans if we really want to attract the attention of developers!
One suggestion that did best hope for many other fans Residen Evil, which have come immediately on the website of the petition bringing even more signatures."

Well, that's great, but we only have two problems with this: 1. Capcom's Christian Svensson was replying directly to a post about how the publisher is "ignoring PS3 owners," and he said, "let's see how they feel at the end of next week about us." 2. That RE PSP project, while never actually official, seemed almost inevitable after the petition this article alludes to garnered over 10,000 signatures. Capcom said they'd listen if it got that many, and it did. So while we like the idea of the legendary horror franchise making it's way to Sony's handheld, we still believe Capcom's announcement is PS3-related.

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