Sony's policy has never changed: they will only announce something "when there is something to announce." No matter how much evidence everyone has, Sony always refuses to make things official until they're good and ready. Well, by now, we figure the cat is out of the bag regarding the possibility of the 40GB "entry level" PS3 coming to the U.S.

We've already seen plenty of retail evidence to support the rumor, and one source has even gone so far as to "confirm" it. And now, we have yet another piece of evidence: pictured here is an image that has been making the Internet rounds, and it clearly says we can expect the 40GB PS3 in the United States on November 2. The story was on page 2 and 32 on the Nielsen Page for this week, and it confirms the new 40GB version will retail for the expected $399.

No, Sony hasn't stepped up to make the official announcement, but at this point, we figure they might as well just send out the press release. It's over, guys. This thing is a-comin', so don't bother trying to hide it anymore. The only question left is whether or not they'll provide us with a limited time bundle; we did see a rumor about a "Spider-Man 3" 40GB PS3 bundle, for example. But even if that doesn't happen, we do expect to see the U.S. 40GB PS3 confirmation from SCEA this week.

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