Insomniac has said in the past they want to focus on getting Ratchet and Clank Future: Tools of Destruction done before moving on to other projects, and that would include Resistance: Fall of Man 2 . However, now that the great-looking platformer is only a mere two weeks away, it's no real surprise that we're starting to see some updates regarding the anticipated sequel to the PS3's best launch title.

According to Kotaku, who apparently got the "exclusive" info from Surfer Girls Reviews Star Wars, the team's next FPS will take place entirely in the United States (except for the first and last levels), but we're not sure who the main character will be. Sgt. Nathan Hale is a possibility – those of you who remember the ending of the original title know it's a possibility – but there's no guarantee. The Chimeran invasion has reached American shores, and players will be working to stem the tide once again, from Chicago to San Francisco. The team seems all ready to include a "cliffhanger ending," too, which should set us up nicely for the third installment. "Cliffhanger?" …do we smell something like Halo 2 ?

Furthermore, vehicles will finally be usable in multiplayer, and they're working to feature three new airborne vehicles as well! As for ground units, we can expect the jeep, tank, and Chimeran tripod walker one again. This is all the information we have for now, but it's better than nothing, and there even appears to be a tentative release date: November 2008. That's hardly confirmed, but hey, now's the time when we would expect to see RFoM2 news and updates, so all of this is very feasible. We'll keep you posted!

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