Update: We figured this was big enough so Epic would respond, and so they have- as Planet Unreal found out from Mark Rein, the 360 version of Unreal Tournament 3 is still in the works, and is still scheduled for 2008. His response was simple and firm-

"Absolutely untrue! 360 version still coming in 2008."

Okey-doke. Just seems weird we never see any mention of it, that's all. But hey, that's why it's called a "rumor."

Original Story:

This could be just another one of those Internet rumors spun out of control, but you have to admit, the evidence might make 360 owners squirm a bit.

Midway and Epic Games have been saying all along that Unreal Tournament 3 would debut on the PS3 and PC this year, with an Xbox 360 version to follow in 2008. Epic's Mark Rein has often gone on record to say the team is working hard to make all three versions the same, but recent news hints at the possibility of a delay for the PS3 version…if we can call it a "delay." There was never a concrete release date – Epic's target has always been November, but they never gave an exact ship day – and while the PC version remains on track, the PS3 version might not make it this year. They're still trying to hit the original goal, but it seems up in the air at this point.

Furthermore, we're not seeing much in the way of evidence that the Xbox 360 version even exists. During a UT3 video over at GameTrailers , Epic's president Mike Capps says "we're just on PlayStation 3, so we get to focus on that platform." This is probably just a misinterpretation or misquote, but neither the official UT3 site or Epic Games' site shows any evidence of Xbox 360 box art. The PC and PS3 versions are there, but nothing about the 360… Now, this could just be promotion for the two versions that might both release this year, but we can't be sure.

At this rate, it seems a little strange that we haven't heard much of anything about the 360 version, and these little pieces of evidence have people whispering. Is it possible Epic might cancel the 360 version? Maybe not, but owners of Microsoft's console are starting to wonder. Perhaps a better question is, will Epic/Midway respond to this latest rumor?

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