Update: During a recent interview with GameDaily.biz, Bioware's Greg Zeschuk answered the question, "what does the future hold for the [ Mass Effect ] franchise?"

"Well, I can say it really is an absolutely amazing game – probably BioWare's best. Ray and I both finished it, played it a lot, and it's awesome. The thing we can tell you about the future of Mass Effect very simply is that there's going to be a trilogy; we've been on record in the past as saying we want that whole trilogy to be on the 360. We still love the platform, we love working with Microsoft – they're a great partner – but we can't predict the future."

Hmm…take from that what you will.

Original Story:

The instant EA announced it had acquired BioWare and Pandemic Studios, Xbox 360 owners wanted to know how this would affect the highly anticipated Mass Effect trilogy. Could this mean the series might go multiplatform…?

At this point, it's uncertain. Microsoft has confirmed that EA's recent purchase won't affect next month's Mass Effect release, but future titles are up in the air. Thing is, while Microsoft owned the intellectual property for Halo when Bungie extricated themselves from Microsoft's grasp, that isn't the case here: BioWare Corp. owns the IP for Mass Effect . Therefore, now that BioWare is under the very large – and almost always multiplatform – umbrella of EA, it seems very possible any sequels to this massively anticipated RPG may show up on the PS3 and/or PC (it's unlikely the Wii could handle such a game).

Mass Effect is scheduled to ship to North American retailers on November 20, and it's shaping up to be a legitimate Game of the Year nominee. It has already picked up some awards even before its release; the game received the 2007 Game Critics Awards "Best Console Game" prize, as well as the label of "Best RPG" at this year's E3. Now, we'll have to wait and see if the future looks less exclusive for Mass Effect .

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