Well, nothing is ever easy. When attempting to create something as impressive as Assassin's Creed , it seems inevitable that one will encounter challenges specific to each targeted platform. Such is the case here, as Ubisoft Montreal has run into two significant issues with the game; one each for the PS3 and Xbox 360.

In a recent interview with Pro-G, the game's creative director, Patrice Desilets, mentioned two hurdles the team is facing: 1. trying to squeeze everything onto a 360 DVD disc as compared to Sony's Blu-Ray disc, and 2. struggling with the PS3 version due to "memory problems." But he also said the team had requested help from both Sony and Microsoft so as to resolve these issues and produce the best game possible. As for the classic question, "which version is better," Desilets claims both are basically identical.

Here are his comments on the subject-

"The PS3 version is as good as the 360 version. We've been showing the PS3 version at E3 this year, but we've done a lot of events and it's just easier for us and for people from the press to have a 360. But the versions are the same, basically," he said.

"Both have their own challenges. Right now we have a big challenge on the 360 to make it fit on a DVD, to put five languages, to put all the data on eight gigs. On the Blu-ray side we're really good, but then the memory is quite different. How we handle memory is really different between the two machines and we're struggling right now on the PS3. But we have people who are really dedicated and we're having help from Microsoft on one side and Sony on the other side to have the same quality on both systems. It really depends on the week basically as to who's best."

While we never like to hear about development problems for high-profile titles like Assassin's Creed , we still applaud Ubisoft's effort in bringing in help from Microsoft and Sony. Furthermore, it seems PS3 owners won't have to suffer through yet another poor 360-to-PS3 port, as it has been the developer's intention all along to build this game as a multiplatform title. Let's hope everything goes smoothly and this game turns out to be as amazing as we think it could be…

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