Update: If you look here , it seems the next firmware update – 2.0 – is scheduled to arrive on October 30. So it looks like we'll have to learn more about the enhanced Blu-Ray interactivity before then.

Original Story:

According to High-Def Digest, it seems Sony is planning a firmware update for the PlayStation 3 that will supposedly "boost Blu-Ray interactivity." This was first reported by Video Business, who says Sony vice-president of advanced technologies Don Eklund relayed the news at a HDTV DisplaySearch conference in Universal City, California. There was a panel discussion regarding next-generation interactivity, and Eklund's comment has sparked plenty of debate and discussion.

He wouldn't go into any further details besides saying this firmware update is coming "soon." The most popular scenario seems to be this- Sony will update the PS3 to support at least a few of the components included in the Profile 1.1 Blu-Ray spec. In turn, this will provide a bunch of new functions not currently supported by Blu-Ray players, and that includes true video picture-in-picture playback. It seems that all Blu-Ray players released after October 31, 2007 must support Profile 1.1, anyway, as mandated by the Blu-Ray Disc Association.

Perhaps Sony is working to make their PlayStation 3 the first BD player that's fully Profile 1.1 compliant, as a few Blu-Ray movies on store shelves already boast features that appear to require Profile 1.1. But until Sony issues an official announcement regarding this next firmware update, we're stuck guessing. We'll let you know when we hear anything more about this.

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