Capcom seems to be biding their time, waiting to drop some kind of PlayStation 3-related bomb. Initially, we had heard they'd make several big announcements at TGS 2007, but Capcom quickly clarified they'd be saving the unveiling – whatever it is – for a later date in October. Well, that date is apparently next week.

In the midst of a seemingly innocuous topic about Monster Hunter 3 coming to the Nintendo Wii over at the official Capcom forums, one poster took a shot at Capcom by saying- "Capcom is losing fans. They obviously don't care for their PS3-owner fans." This prompted a quick reply from Sr. Director of Strategic Planning & Research for Capcom Christian Svensson, who is also a frequent contributor on the message boards. His reply?

"Let's see how they feel at the end of next week about us."

Let the speculation and debate begin…again. We know Capcom is planning to focus more on the PS3 in 2008 due to a recent financial report, but besides saying they were finally leaving the PS2 behind and starting in on Sony's new hardware, there were few details. So…how will PS3 owners feel about Capcom by the end of next week? What are they going to reveal?

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