Music fans, your time is nigh- Guitar Hero III is looming large on the horizon, and if you want a taste before the game hits later this month on October 28, you need to visit Activision's newly launched teaser website . All music fans love Backstage Passes!

Today, Activision has announced that fans can visit that site to obtain a Backstage Pass that will give them insider information, news announcements, exclusive behind-the-scenes footage of featured artists (like Slash, for example), in-game talent and media galore. You can also pre-order and hear small pieces of songs from the soundtrack. The first to take advantage and sign up will be able to create their own account and stage name, which will be their unique identity on the official Guitar Hero community website. After the game launches, you'll actually be able to go "on tour" by forming or joining a group to compare scores and compete online in head-to-head tournaments! Fans can even create what Activision is calling a "rock radius," where you opt-in and see friends, tour group members and other players to connect with online. How sweet is this?

But it gets better. You can't be a rock star without your own hot set of groupies, right? Well, you can collect those groupies along the difficult path from Indie to Rock Star; groupies will increase a player's popularity when Backstage. For only a limited time, you can get the jump on the competition by telling friends about your band and getting them to register on the official site. This will score you groupies before you even start shredding! Okay, Guitar Hero fans, there's obviously plenty to see and do, even before the game comes out. Hop to it!

Remember, Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock launches on October 28.

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