Clarified: Here's some clarification from Mr. Pete Hines, guys: "…As a standalone disc or via PSN. Not as part of an all-in-one collection like Oblivion GotY. A standalone version of Shivering Isles would cost less than the Oblivion GotY edition, much like Shivering Isles as a download or standalone disc for Xbox 360 is $30 as opposed to the $60 for the Oblivion GotY for Xbox 360.
Hope that helps."

So, if you want Shivering Isles for the PlayStation 3 and you've yet to pick-up Oblivion, wait a few days and snag up the Game of the Year Oblivion re-release. If you have the original Oblivion, sell it on eBay and add $20-25 for the GOTY version. Or wait and just pay $20-25 for the expansion pack on its own. It's up to you. – Arnold K.

UPDATE: Okay, normally, I'm not one to interfere, but there seems to be a mistake made here. I believe Pete Hines didn't mean to talk about bringing over Shivering Isles. Why? Because the Game of the Year Edition Oblivion re-release is coming out in a few days, and it's already going to feature the Shivering Isles expansion for the PlayStation 3. We'll try to get in touch with Pete to clarify this, but I can almost guarantee that the mention of Shivering Isles is a typo. – Arnold K.

Okay, enough Halo 3 news for a bit. There are other games out there, you know, and one of them that RPG fans just adore is The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion . We've got some great news for those fans, too, as Bethesda Softworks sent a note to that they plan to release their last set of downloadable content for last year's Game of the Year nominee.

The download is called "Fighter's Stronghold," and it's scheduled to arrive for the Xbox 360 and PC on October 15. But that's not the best news: the best news is that this download will be free for the first week, so don't miss your chance! As for the PS3 version and the possibility of future content on the PlayStation Store, PR head Pete Hines had this to say on the Bethsoft blog site-

"Since we’re talking about DLC, I thought I’d update you with what’s going on with the PS3 version of Oblivion. We are close, very close to working something out to bring Shivering Isles to PS3 owners. That may be in downloadable form via PSN, or as a standalone retail disc, or both. I can’t say definitively yet that it will happen, and I definitely can’t say when. But it’s looking good, and hopefully we’ll have good news soon."

See? A new one for the 360 and PC players and a good chance PS3 players will see that awesome Shivering Isles expansion some time soon. Everybody wins! And when it comes to a game as good as Oblivion , we should be thankful for any extra content that comes our way.

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