Sony has been better about updating the European PlayStation Store recently, and if the following information from is accurate, it looks like Euro gamers are in for a great month. It seems SCEE may have released the full list of games, demos, and trailers that are to arrive on the European Store between now and November 8.

If it's all true, here's what you can expect:

October 11

October 18

October 25

November 8

PS1 games due out in October

Well, if it's all factual, we now have questions from the U.S. side of things…as in, when do we get this stuff? Can we expect Toy Home on November 8, too? And we love to see that Folk download for Folklore ; it's exactly the kind of game that can benefit from downloadable extras. We'll keep you updated on this subject; we'll see if SCEE confirms or denies the list.

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