While most multiplatform titles for the PS3 and Xbox 360 are usually extremely similar, every once in a while, the developer includes a few distinct differences. THQ is doing just that with this year's WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2008 , slated to release on November 13 for the PS3 and 360 and definitely bound to garner some big sales.

According to a recent interview with PSU.com, THQ's Dan Ryan revealed a bunch of new details and info concerning the upcoming wrestling title. In answer to one of the questions regarding possible differences between the PS3 and 360 versions, Ryan had some very interesting comments. As it turns out, while the 360 version will let the player record and play their own songs, the PS3 version will make use of the Sixaxis for what they're calling an "Interactive Entrance" feature. His full response is below:

"The Xbox 360 version of the game will allow players to use songs stored on their hard drive for entrance music, while the PlayStation 3 version will include the unique Interactive Entrance feature. By utilizing the technology of the SIAXIS controller, we’re now giving players the option of actually witnessing their favorite Superstar’s ring entrance – from the Superstar’s perspective. Players can tilt the controller up, down, left and right to turn a Superstar’s head as he or she heads to the ring, allowing players for the first time to see the action through the Superstar’s eyes."

It's very original to be sure. Being able to look around with your chosen character when making your grand entrance sounds great, and now we're wondering if you can interact with the audience in any way. We also want to ask if the motion sensing will play any role in the gameplay itself, but this little feature is pretty darn cool.

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