So now that Japan is getting the 40GB PS3, Sony was quick to team up with Koei and sweeten the deal with a bundle package offer.

Koei has revealed it will contribute Shin Sangoku Musou 5 (which translates to Dynasty Warriors 6 ) to the 40GB PS3 bundle, which includes a Ceramic White console, nine metal character plates and four clear files, all for the price of 49,980 yen. This seems a little high to us, considering the price of the 40GB PS3 on its own is only 39,980 yen…is the game and all those little figurines really worth at least $80 extra? Well, to Japanese gamers, who just adore the Dynasty Warriors franchise, it probably is.

Anyway, this bundle will arrive on the same day of the new game's release, which is November 11. But if the Japanese gamer already has the PS3, he can always snag the game by itself – for either the PS3 or Xbox 360 – for 7560 yen, or as part of the Limited Edition Treasure Box for 13,440 yen. But if you do spring for the bundle, we suggest picking up that ceramic white Dual Shock 3 to go along with your snazzy new system!

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