As one of the most anticipated games of the year, Ubisoft's Haze should be a very big title for the PS3. And perhaps the biggest feature of the game – it's called Nectar – will help to separate Haze from the giant crowd of FPSs scheduled to arrive this year. We've learned a little about it in the past, but here are more Nectar ability details straight from the official site .

Nectar Perception : While on Nectar, your enemies will become far more visible to you, even if they are hiding in the shadows or foliage. Sooo…like a natural form of infrared or night vision? Sweet!

Melee Blast : Performed the same way as the normal melee attack, but with 10 times the power, thanks to Nectar. Why do we get the feeling we'll want to go on up-close-and-personal rampages after a dose of this stuff?

Nectar Resilience : Bullets won’t bounce off you, but you’ll certainly take less damage from them. And that's a big bonus; Nectar is like body armor!

Nectar Focus : When you are sniping or using the zoom function on your helmet, Nectar will give you a new level of focus, helping you aim and making it easier to kill in one deadly accurate shot.

Nectar Foresight : If you are in danger while on a Nectar high, a visible “pulse” will ripple outward from the point of threat. This could be a grenade at your feet, or someone about to melee you from behind. We had heard a bit about this skill before, and it sounds like it could offer the single biggest advantage of all the abilities.

Stay tuned for more on Haze ; we really look forward to checking this one out!

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