Some of you may recall the Fear Effect games on the PS1, which were more famous for their racy sexual content than their action (which was passable to decent). The two main female characters tended to favor other women, and the developers made no bones about conveying this alternative lifestyle to the player. Therefore, it got a lot of attention…duh.

There was supposed to be a third installment in the series, but that project got delayed and then canceled, ending the hopes of a possible video game lesbian encounter in the new generation. However, a rumor has surfaced that Eidos Interactive is indeed planning a new Fear Effect for next-gen consoles. The rumor has arisen thanks to Uwe Boll taking the concept on for a movie (oh goody), and a recent article in a Hollywood movie magazine. Which magazine? Er…we can't be sure; this particular Internet rumor isn't exactly complete. But according to this broken translation at, the possibility is very real:

"…during a file devoted to the film Fear Effect, the development of Fear Effect 3. ' Eidos develops third Fear Effect for the consoles of the news génération'. It will now be necessary to have patience until the confirmation of Eidos Interactive before being delighted by this advertisement."

Yeah, it's not very clear, but it's interesting nonetheless. Perhaps Eidos really will announce Fear Effect 3 , and if they do, we're willing to bet it'll be better than the movie.

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