On their official blog over at Capcom's website, one of the guys behind the development of the Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD remake had some interesting comments to make about the near future of Capcom's announcements. After posting a new entry that showed off the updated versions of Cammy and M. Bison, Brian Dunn suddenly found himself asked a ton of questions by various visitors of the blog. And some of the responses indicate that Capcom may finally be showing us an all new Street Fighter game. Just read:

"There are multiple bombshells coming. We have our Gamer's Day event in London next Wednesday (10/17), but there will be announcements and things starting to come up on Monday (10/15) and continuing all week. Keep an eye on capcom-unity.com because we'll have all the big news there."

"We have a limited number of development staff, with a lot of projects under development – some major, some minor, some announced already, some yet to be announced (we have a Gamer's Day coming up in the middle of October where we are going to drop some big bombshells – you've been warned)."

When asked why Capcom has ignored pleas for Street Fighter 4, Dunn stated: "I don't know the reason. And everyone at Capcom knows all the fans are extremely anxious for a NEW SF game, believe me. That's about all I can say about that…"

Dun dun dun! Okay, bad pun. But this is certainly something interesting. I just pray that bombshell isn't hyperbole for Mega Man Kart Racer for the Wii. I want to see Devil May Cry PSP, Street Fighter 4, and Street Fighter Alpha 4. Brian Dunn, after those words, you're a marked man now. Get to it, Capcom!

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