As the music genre has exploded over the past few years, titles like SingStar have become worldwide phenomena. However, it appears PS3 owners may have to wait a bit longer for the next-generation SingStar , as Sony is still working to test downloadable content (a major feature of the game) and general community features.

According to, a Sony representative said the game simply needs more testing, and they could not currently offer any specific release date. It's not good news for all you karaoke jammers out there, but hey, you want them to get it right…right?

"We want to ensure that consumers have the best possible experience when playing SingStar on PlayStation 3," said the spokesperson. "We are therefore taking extra time to test the downloadable content and community features of SingStar to ensure that it is as rich, simple and accessible a SingStar experience as possible."

Release dates for the game have been all over the map, and at this point, it really depends where you look. Some still list the game with a Q3 2007 date – which is obviously incorrect – and others say the highly anticipated title will arrive some time this fall. However, a Q1 2008 release date may seem more likely, although Sony hasn't officially given any release window. There are other rumors circulating as well, most of which center on Sony's inability to nab necessary licensing for all those songs. Well, we see how that could prove problematic, but for now, we'll just accept Sony's delay explanation.

Some game journalists have received promotional copies of SingStar PS3, but it's a bare-bones version that doesn't grant the player access to any online features. It's tough to get a real feel for a game when one of its most important options isn't available, but we do expect Sony will get through this final round of testing ASAP. Heck, we figure they want the holiday sales for this one.

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