See, now that be a pretty color.

After the confirmation of the Dual Shock 3 at this year's Tokyo Game Show, we were all excited to see some photos of the new controller. However, we were a little less excited when we realized it was very similar to both the Dual Shock 2 and Sixaxis, with a few very small cosmetic exceptions. Furthermore, it was definitely black, and that was that.

Then, we learned the new 40GB PS3 in Europe would come in Satin Silver , which is a snazzy color. Perhaps that jump-started the designer color parade, as Kotaku has revealed this picture of a white Dual Shock 3 for Japan. It will release on November 11 for ¥5,500 (US $47), and the rumbling controller will be available in both traditional black and white. These will not be included in any PS3 package, however, which isn't surprising. We already knew Sony wasn't replacing the Sixaxis with the DS3; the latter is simply an accessory, not the new standard.

Okay, now what about North American gamers? We know we're getting the DS3 – at some point – and we've heard reports that the 40GB PS3 is on the way, but what about this white DS3? Maybe it would make a nice contrast to our sleek black PS3s; 'cuz you know, it's all about design and decoration. We want our entertainment centers to be pretty !

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