You know, we always like it when developers are willing to keep us apprised of how a game is coming along. Naughty Dog has been great at keeping us updated on the progress of their upcoming action/adventure title, Uncharted: Drake's Fortune , and their latest update over at the official PlayStation blog is very encouraging. The game is just about ready to receive a solid coat of Gold!

According to the post by Naughty Dog co-president, Evan Wells, the team is "only two weeks away from a Gold Master." But they're definitely in the midst of crunch time, as the QA departments are "working around the clock" to get things done. Here's another segment of his post-

"Things are hectic around our studio as we’re trying to juggle several tasks at once. Not only are we trying to wrap up production on the game, but we’re also working frantically on helping with the package design and the strategy guide as well. We’ve also scheduled one last impromptu focus test this weekend in our office so that we can check to make sure that any of the last minute tweaks we’ve made to certain aspects of the game haven’t thrown off any of the previous game balance tuning that we’ve done.

We’re also preparing to create another trailer to be released in the coming weeks. Taylor Kurosaki, our video editor, is working on selecting the music to use in the next one and planning out the flow and the structure to tease the story just enough without giving too much away."

Excellent, a new trailer! And of course, we always like teasers, just because they always tend to cause so much discussion and debate. This game will be shipped around the world in 13 different languages, too, so just about every gamer will have a chance to throw down with Naughty Dog's promising new title. We can't wait to see how it turns out!

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