EA has unveiled their holiday 2007 lineup and as expected, it's pretty darn lengthy. We're looking at all kinds of promising titles here, from Army of Two to Rock Band to everything else in between, and they cover all platforms. If you hadn't already guessed, there will be plenty of titles on store shelves this Christmas.

“EA will surprise and delight gamers with titles that are refreshingly fun and deliver on the depth of gameplay that the next-generation promises," said Jeff Karp, Senior Vice President of North American Publishing. "Our stand-out pre-order programs such as the exclusive Need for Speed ProStreet unlockable Subaru Impreza WRX STi, the Army of Two insider’s dossier and graphic novel or The Orange Box’s $5 off with pre-order program plus access to the Team Fortress 2 PC beta, will entice gamers and enrich their entertainment experience this holiday.”

Here's the list-

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