Geez…first it was exclusive to the PS3, then it was a multiplatform title for the Xbox 360, then it got delayed on the PS3, then the PS3 version was on "indefinite hold" and the game was only going to show up on the 360, and now, after releasing on the 360, it's coming to the PS3? 'whew' It has been weird, wild ride for Koei's Fatal Inertia .

According to Gamasutra, the publisher announced yesterday that the PlayStation 3 version of this futuristic racer is alive and well, and it should become available some time next year. It was part of a recent Japanese interview with managing executive officer and deputy general manager, Takazumi Tomoike, and we learned that the "indefinite hold" bar for Fatal Inertia PS3 had been lifted. We heard from Koei later that the Unreal Engine 3 had posed some development problems, which was the cause of the original delay, and that "indefinite hold."

Furthermore, it seems Koei is planning to add one feature for the PS3 version: the motion sensing in the Sixaxis- "We are going to use the SixAxis, and I think the controller is well-suited for the game," said Tomoike. Well, that might be a good idea, but it had better not turn out like Lair ! In the end, though, it's just good to know we're getting Fatal Inertia , which is now being developed by Koei Canada.

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