It may not be arriving until 2008, but Team Bondi's historic and intense action/adventure title, L.A. Noire , is already garnering a lot of attention. We've heard very little about the game to this point, but Kotaku has apparently uncovered more details thanks to "exclusive information" delivered by a Team Bondi member's blog. Perhaps most interesting is yet another example of a developer claiming a game is "too big" to be on any other console but the PS3.

We've known for a while that L.A. Noire is supposed to be exclusive to the PS3, but it may only be a console exclusive, because according to this info, it seems the game may also come to the PC. Check 'em out:

We would hope these details are accurate, and if they are, L.A. Noire definitely sounds like a worthwhile title. We'd like to hear more about the project, of course, but we'll take this for now.

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